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“For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by people’s professional journeys. When I’m at a lunch or an event I find someone who is looking for a job or doesn’t like their current job, that’s the person I want to talk to.”

As a talent acquisition specialist, I have conversations with candidates and industry experts all the time, which has helped me become a better coach. I know what it means to be on both sides of the table,  as I have been a job seeker and a recruiter.

Since 2017, I have helped many determined professionals level up their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, networking and interviewing skills, so they can advance their careers. Since then my purpose has been to guide ambitious professionals reach the next level by bringing clarity to their professional journey and boosting their self confidence.

If you feel plateaued at your current job or you are a fresh graduate, or would like to LEVEL UP, I would love to talk to you!


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Having served within Recruiting and HR capacities spanning from startups to global organizations, I have a strong understanding of what hiring managers view as quality talent. I’d love to help you make your career transition and help you find your “sweet spot”!

Mentoring Experiences

I believe a Mentor affects the professional life of a Mentee by fostering insight, identifying needed knowledge, and expanding growth opportunities. This assistance supplements the coaching an individual already receives from their supervisor.  The journey involves the building of an equal relationship characterized by trust, the sharing of expertise, moral support, reliability and knowing when to help and when to sit back. It focuses on practicing many work and life skills like Self Awareness, Time Management, Motivation, Influencing, Decision Making, Empathy, Problem Solving, and Managing Emotions.

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Client Testimonials

Shreya helped me in my preparation for interviews when I was switching jobs. I struggle with behavioral questions. Shreya coached me on how to first break down the question, find a relevant example from my professional experience, and then deliver the response in the SMART format. She also coached me regarding what one should, and more importantly, shouldn't say in an interview. She was patient, thorough and communicated well during our practice sessions. I highly recommend her.
Sr. Product Designer at Meta | Ex Amazon
Shreya has been an excellent life coach for me, either it is dealing with personal or work related conflicts. She demonstrated strong skills in understanding complex life situations, and coming up a very simple working solution when it was hard to think. Shreya coached me for non-technical interviews, which really helped me securing a job at Google. I would highly recommend Shreya for the life coaching and career development coaching. Good luck Shreya on your future projects!!
Senior Software Engineer at Google
Shreya is an excellent mentor and coach.She coached me,when I was frustrated during my job search in US.We worked on practice questions and mock interviews.As we started the training my interview performance improved with Shreya’s methodology.Within 2months I landed my new job.Shreya’s guidance tremendously helped in confidence building and positive mindset.Thank you,Shreya for being my coach and counsel to help me succeed.
Strategic Talent Advisor