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Bringing in the Resume Mastery Workshop for you all.

This resume building workshop has answers to all of this. It will help you get excited for your job search, make you feel confident in sharing your resume with your network. We will talk about owning your story and sharing it with impact and results. Bringing in the learnings from a recruiters’ lens.

Resume is not just a piece of paper - it represents YOU !!!

You want it to reflect your journey in a way that recruiters want to know “Storytelling”


Having served within Recruiting and HR capacities spanning from startups to global organizations, I have a strong understanding of what hiring managers view as quality talent. I’d love to help you make your career transition and help you find your “sweet spot”!

Passionate about people’s journey and their restarts as I believe and live by the motto

We all are just getting started!

Takeaways from Workshop


Actionable items for future use.


To make your resume stand out and how.


To own your experience and believe in your worth.


Resume represents you. Share that story impactfully.

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