Who Moved My Cheese –  Dr. Spencer Johnson

Long ago and far away, two mice and two very small people live together in a large Maze where they search for cheese. The mice, Sniff and Scurry, find a big stash of their favorite cheese; nearby, the “Little people,” Hem and Haw, also locate plenty of “Cheese,” in their case, the things in life that people desire. They all settle in to enjoy the bounty.

The mice keep their running shoes close by and daily check the station for any changes—cheese going bad or running short—while the humans store away their shoes, put on slippers, and simply enjoy their pile of Cheese.

One day, both types of Cheese ran out. The mice, who saw it coming, immediately put on their running shoes and begin to search the rest of the Maze
for more cheese. Sniff smells where a new supply might be, and Scurry runs quickly to that area. Soon, they find a huge stash of cheese and begin to enjoy it.

Hem and Haw, meanwhile, are shocked that their cushy life has come to anend. Hem is angry and believes others have moved the Cheese. Hem also believes they’re “entitled” to their Cheese and should wait for the others to return it.

Haw isn’t so sure and wonders if they should search for new Cheese elsewhere. Hem refuses to budge. After many hungry days, realizing that the Cheese won’t simply reappear, Haw finally heads out, scared and lonely, to search the Maze for more Cheese.

 Haw soon finds bits of Cheese here and there. Despite feelings of fear and confusion, Haw finds that the search is an invigorating adventure and not at all a disaster. As insights occur, Haw writes them on the walls of the Maze, hoping Hem finally will venture out and use the notes as guides.

 One day, Haw finds the giant Cheese stash where Sniff and Scurry now live. Overjoyed, Haw settles in but is careful to keep the running shoes nearby, in case this batch of Cheese runs out. Haw also takes daily tours of the Cheese station, checking for moldy cheese or other signs of impending trouble. Haw wonders whether Hem ever will venture out to find more Cheese and whether the notes on the wall will help Hem’s search.

 Here are 3 lessons about cheese and what you should do when someone moves yours:

  1. Thinking too much about your cheese might paralyze you, so just start looking.
  2. Nothing lasts forever, so keep your eyes open for approaching changes.
  3. You can always find new cheese, and the minute you start moving things will get better.

Are you ready to become a champion of change? Let’s look for that cheese!